aka Didier Lomba + MC 3HH + DJCJD + Sonic DIN + DIA



 Born  1968 in Freiburg, Germany       Child of a German mother
the father a Congolese student

         During his habitation in Congo                                                  first contact to african musicians    


Back to Germany he starts to construct his first sounds with an electronic Tool-Kit,                              later followed his work with Turn-Tables, Drum-Machines and Synths



RAsonic - Collin's Parkside - Magic Force Breakers - Dynamic Crew - Noise Plant

Crew Doc Tom & DJ BOKE - MC Oetker DJ Maggi & the motherfucking Kochstudio  


Lux Stuttgart, Galaxy 5 Stuttgart, Voltage Stuttgart, Waldsee Freiburg, Cubic '95 Genf, Drifters Freiburg,

Oktan Freiburg, Schaufenster Mitte Popbüro Stuttgart, Waggons Stuttgart, Autonomes Zentrum Zürich, Zollamt Stuttgart,

EKA Palace Lissabon NADATemple Lissabon